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So you’ve discovered the art of the hookah. Cool! Maybe you’ve tried hookah pipes at a special hookah lounge, and explored a few of the flavors of shisha, or hookah tobacco. No doubt about it, the pleasures of the hookah are really catching on, in our part of the planet. So isn’t it time you moved on up and experienced your very own hookah pipe?

At Slick Hookahs, we can hook you up with the most awesome hookah pipes you ever saw, from old school Egyptian handcrafted hookah pipes, to rotating hookah pipes that eliminate the hassles of a tangled hose. You can even put your own personal stamp on your hookah pipe, by selecting one in your favorite color or opting for a small MYA hookah pipe that’s just right for carrying along to your next party—a surefire conversation starter! Be sure to explore our premium collection of flavorful hookah tobacco.

Take your love of the hookah to the next level You’ll love our shipping, too—most hookah products ship within 24 hours. Hey, Slick Hookahs would never keep you waiting!

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